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Hunza-Nagar Valley

By on May 9, 2014

Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek

Rakaposhi (7788m) is one of the most beautiful peak and the world’s 29th highest mountain. It dominates the horizon and watches over the Karakoram Highway as you travel from Gilgit to Hunza. The peak is surrounded by famous glaciers and valleys like Bagrot, Minapin and Jaglot.

Nagar Rash Phari Trek

Rash Phari, meaning “sparkling lake”, is simply a splendid sight to behold. This is the best trekking route for beginners and novices, but equally interesting for experienced trekkers as one can climb Rush Peak (5098 m/16,824 ft) above the lake.

Starting from Hopar, a marvelous village known for fruit orchards and the production of potato seeds, we stroll through the terraced fields and experience some walking on glaciers as well.

Batura Glacier Trek

Bautra Glacier presents one of the most fascinating glacier treks in Pakistan. This trip is a fascinating experience of an easy stroll along with a flower-strewn gully between the lateral moraine of Battura Glacier and the mountains.

It provides breathtaking views of high Peaks like Ultar (7388), Shispare (7611m), Passu peak (7284m), Karun Koh (7164m), and others in the Shimshal region. From Fatimahil you can have an unforgettable view of the formidable North face of Battura massif.

After halfway between Kukhil and Guchsumis the wide plateau of Shelmin where the Urthum brook flows from the North. This is much tougher route than Kilik or Mintaka but not a technical one. The scenery will simply sweep you off your feet This trek is especially recommended for those who intend to do short walks for one to five days.

Patundas Trek

Patundas is a summer pasture at 4183 m on the ridge between the Passu and Batura glaciers. The views from Patundas are spectacular in all directions and it is quite enjoyable to stroll through the alpine meadows for hours along the ridge top.

This is one of the most beautiful treks in Hunza valley!

Diran BC Trek

This trek is located in Nagar Valley also known as Minapin Trek, has very easy access from the Karakoram Highway. This is one of the shortest and easiest treks leading to above 7000M Karakoram peak base camp with sweeping views from Rakaposhi to Diran.

The Minapin Glacier sweep down from the 16km long fluted snowy ridge that connects the Rakaposhi and Diran. This treks starts fro the village of Minapin in Nagar Valley that sits along the Minapin River bank above the confluence of the Hunza and Minipan rivers.

The excellent short and easy trek from Minapin to Rakaposhi Base Camp trek, also known Taghaphari is ideal introduction of Karakoram trekking.

Chapursan Chilinji Pass Trek

This trekking trip takes you to the unspoiled, and virgin lands, of Wakhan Corridor, passing through small hamlets, and mountain meadows, we meet flocks of people, with their cattle and herds of sheep and goats.

There are dozens of unclimbed and seldom visited beautiful peaks, in the range of 6000m. And the area is a pollution free, undisturbed remote place.

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